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Girls and women with Autism

"Like many women with autism, I used to put my social experiences down to social anxiety"

This quote from Claire Jack (Psychology Today) reflects the experience of many autistic women and non-binary people.

This often arises because some behaviours common in autism, such as difficulty with social interactions and preference for solitude, can mirror those of social anxiety.

Girls, women, and non-binary people on the autism spectrum may be particularly adept at masking their struggles to fit social expectations, which can further complicate the picture. They may be perceived as simply shy or anxious in social situations when, in reality, they are navigating the complexities of autism without the necessary support.

While strategies for managing social anxiety can be beneficial, they might not address the core challenges faced by individuals with autism, such as sensory sensitivities or challenges in social communication.

Understanding more about the diverse presentation of autism can improve the support available. Some autistic bloggers that we really like include:




Read Claire’s article here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/women-autism-spectrum-disorder/202108/day-in-the-life-woman-autism

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