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Girls and women with ADHD

Historically, ADHD has been underdiagnosed in girls and women as it doesn’t fit the stereotypical picture of symptoms. For many years, ADHD was considered:

❌ Only hyperactive boys

❌ A childhood disorder

The reality is that ADHD symptoms can be present throughout the lifespan and in any gender. Symptoms in women can be quite different to men, with possibly more inattention and disorganisation than their male counterparts. Women with ADHD may also experience emotional dysregulation, difficulties with self-esteem, and comorbid mental health difficulties which may overshadow their ADHD symptoms.

Interestingly, some evidence suggests that females with ADHD have to be more symptomatic than their male counterparts to get a diagnosis (Vidalen et al., 2016).

Check out https://www.additudemag.com/ for excellent resources, news and articles about ADHD.

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